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How to use the telescope

How to use the telescope. If you or your child interested in astronomy, you decide to buy a telescope sooner or later so its important to know how to use a telescope

If you or your child interested in astronomy, you decide to buy a telescope sooner or later so its important to know how to use a telescope. There are three different types of telescopes that you can buy: reflectors, refractors and telescopes Review the pros and cons of each and decide to buy the one that will serve you in the future. 1 - Look for the place where you have a clean view of the sky and spot you want to observe. 2 - Make sure your telescope has a polar axis. If so, you will be able to point the telescope lens directly to what you want to watch. just need you to use the manufacturers instructions in order to align the axis of the lens. 3 - Select the eyepiece, which magnifies the least. Always use this eyepiece until a report in the handling of a telescope. 4 - Locate the object in the night heaven who will be the subject of your observation and focus on it. Move planet or star you look closer to the center of the eyepiece field. 5 - Remove the eyepiece with the lowest degree of magnification and position the eyepiece magnifies to a greater extent. 6 - Adjust the telescope when the picture is not sharp enough after changing eyepieces. 7 - Continue like this, looking at the different planets and stars that are in your sight.

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