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How the mobile phone battery last longer

How do mobile phone battery last longer. While many people now use mobile phones instead of fixed, the main advantage of mobile phones is that they can carry with you

While many people now use mobile phones instead of fixed, the main advantage of mobile phones is that they can carry with you. This advantage can be utilized only as much as us to its power source allows, however, to get the best from your mobile phone, you need to get the most out of your battery. As for the useful life of batteries, there are two different issues: how your battery lasts longer between charges and how to extend the overall battery life.
How to extend the time between charges
Turn off the phone. This will probably the most effective and najjednostavnje to save battery power. Why? This will save battery power and also charge the phone. If you do not intend to answer the phone while sleeping or after business hours, simply turn it off. Do the same if you are somewhere where there is no network coverage - such as some remote areas, since the pursuit of high-range, battery very quickly. Some phones have the option of automatic power saving, but it needs to be about 30 minutes at a range so that the option is switched on. Do then, much energy is used. If you do not need to receive calls or to call someone for using a smartphone such as a PDA, turn off this feature phones - flight mode - Stop looking for a signal. When you are somewhere where there is no scope or on a very weak, your phone will constantly look for better connection and thus wear out all the battery. This is easily understood if you are ever in flight forgot to turn off your phone ..
best way to ensure long battery life is that when you use the phone only When you have a good reception and coverage. If you do not have great reception, buy an amplifier to boost signal and thus allow a near perfect signal anywhere you are. Turn off vibration on your mobile phone, and use the bell. Vibrations uses more energy. Power of tone set at the minimum value. Turn off the backlight when you do not use the phone. backlight to facilitate your reading when you are outdoors, in daylight. Otherwise, the light also draws energy. If you can without it, the battery will last longer. If , however, you have to use it, there are phones that have the option of setting the amount of time during which the backlight is on. Shorten the time. Usually, a second or two will suffice. Some phones, in turn, have an external light sensor, which tasked with the backlight off when the bright outside light, that light up when it is dark outside. Avoid using unnecessary options. If you know that soon you will be able to charge the phone battery, do not use the camera and connect to the internet . Flash when shooting will quickly deplete the battery. Some short duration calls. This is obvious, but how many times have you heard someone say I think my battery churches and then proceed to talk for a few minutes? Sometimes a battery that churches just an excuse to end the conversation - and good - but if you really need to save the battery, limit the time of the story. disable bluetooth. This will brlo quickly drain the battery. same goes for WIFI, GPS, and infrared, if your phone has incorporated these features. Keep them off unless you use them to save energy. Use GSM rather than 3G - If you are using 3G / Dual Mode will spend the battery faster than if you only use the GSM mode. - see the features of your phone and you will see two of battery-50% longer battery will last if you only use GSM
How to extend battery life
Prepare a new battery before use. They should be fully charged before initial use to ensure maximum impact. the batteries nickel should be recharged for 16 hours before initial use and 2 to 4 times they are completely drained and recharged while lithium-ion batteries require a charging period of 5-6 hours. Do not pay attention to what the phone while charging indicates that the battery is fully charged - it is common, but this information is incorrect, if you use the battery for the first time. NEVER fully discharge a lithium-ion battery! Unlike Ni-Cd - Nickel-cadmium - batteries, lithium-ion batteries can shorten the life span Every time you completely discharge. To avoid this, when you fill the battery meter shows one line. Lithium-ion batteries, like most rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles the battery is let cool. Place the battery in the freezer or fridge. Your battery will last longer if used at a temperature that is close to room temperature, and nothing will wear out faster than high temperature. While you can not control the weather, you can not leave your phone in a hot car or in the sun, and not you have to carry it in your pocket where your body temperature to raise the temperature of the phone. In addition, check the battery while charging. If too hot, your charger may not work properly. Charge the battery properly, according to its characteristics. Most newer phones a lithium-ion batteries, while older ones generally have nickel-based batteries. Read the label on the back of the battery, or see the technical specification to determine which type belongs to your battery.
batteries, nickel - Ni-Cd or Ni-MH - in fact, are not subject to the so-called. memory effect - memory effect -. As described on the website of Wikipedia, but also from many expert sources, the term memory effect has got mythological significance, with the aim of describing the decay of nickel-cadmium - and other chemical ingredients battery -. In most cases, is misleading consumers and thus shortened the life of batteries by excessive wear to the complete repair of the same.
The passage reads like this: If you charge the battery partially enough times, eventually the battery forget that can be fully charged. nickel-based battery that has suffered a memory effect can be returned in original condition, but need to keep the battery fully discharged and fully charged - and repeatedly -. time required for recovery of the battery varies. rule that applies to the battery to fully discharge once every 2-3 weeks, but only when you have a charger with you.
Lithium-ion batteries can be stored carefully and fill them so you will not leave the charger and since it is fully charged. One does not require recovery.
Regardless of the type of battery, use only a charger designed for the type of battery you are using and not using a charger that leads to overheating batteries .. Keep the battery properly. If the battery will be out of service for some time, remove it from the phone and keep it dry and cold, but not too cold, icy place - as, for example. sealed container in the refrigerator, but not in the freezer -. Do not store together with metal objects that, if a mutual touching, can cause a short circuit. Lithium-ion batteries are not designed to be used naposredno after their stay at low temperatures, so the battery should be kept out of the fridge at least an hour before you start to use it.
Lithium ion batteries oxidize less if stored when charged 40%. Never store the battery at low voltage. Charge them after storage. Clean the contact surface of the battery and phone. Over time, the contact surfaces can accumulate dirt which reduces the efficiency energy transfer. Clean them with a swab and alcohol.
If the contact surface is composed of two different metals, like gold and tin will result in accelerated galvanic corrosion or dvometalske. To eliminate the use of corrosion of contact surfaces use a solvent, for example. acetone. Be the caution: solvents dissolve plastic, so use wet wipes to avoid damaging the battery or the phone casing. Use a black background whenever possible. AMOLED screens use considerably less power to broadcast to black instead of white. When you use sites like bGoog. com on broadcast a black background instead of white for Google.
battery failure indicators
time use after charging the battery becomes shorter unusually warm during charging. The battery becomes unusually warm during phone use. battery casing may swells. It can be seen through the skin or by looking at the side of the battery, which sits on the phone. Also, when the battery is placed on that side, on a flat, smooth surface, it will wobble, and you can spin it. casing of the battery is flat, and should the ease that is spin. the battery was formed Hard You will notice that the battery will take between two fingers, and under slight pressure will be felt under the fingers, on the surface of the battery, which adheres to the phone. savetii Nowadays most phone does not need a backlight to see the display, so it might be wise to disable it. No matter how you try to give you the longer the battery lasts, but eventually it will check whether your phone has the option not to charge off your phone when battery - charger most of the transmitter enough power to serve your phone at the same time to recharge the battery. If you do, you will shorten the battery charging and turned on the phone provides the ability to know when the battery is charged, so that you can turn off the charger when full . When using a car charger, recharge the battery when the interior was too hot, wait until the car cooled down and put the phone on the charger. UpozorenjaNe hold weakly charged lithium ion battery in the phone for a long time, displays the battery current will pull a weak intensity, which can lead to avoid using jefitnih charger as they may cause overheating of the batteries. When buying lithium ion batteries, be aware that oxidation begins from the moment of production, not on first use. As such, older lithium batteries will have a reduced capacity of 20% per year, as if kept at room temperature. If you buy the battery on sale, you can expect that your mobile phone takes less Buy from reputable dealers. Never dispose of old worn-out batteries in the trash. Batteries contain toxic metals and electronic waste from batteries and other electronic components is a growing problem. Improper removal of toxic batteries is illegal.

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