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How to Speed ​​Up your PC

How to speed up your computer. It is logical that, with time on your computer to build up unnecessary data, to slow down his work and it is necessary to speed up your computer

It is logical that, with time on your computer to build up unnecessary data, to slow down his work and it is necessary to speed up your computer. This short tutorial will show you how to bring your computer in shape. Take at least an hour the health of your computer. / em 0 - Download a TuneUp - TuneUp is a program to optimize computer performance ... has many functions, but about that later. http://www. tune-up. com / download / Run-Tune Up first - Optimize System - Disable programs - the lighting and extinguishing the PC starts - or off - a few programs ... here you can select the programs you want to move ... it will drastically affect the speed of ignition / shutdown - uninstal unnedded programs - this is like the Add or Remove programs ... delete programs that you do not need to then go through all this
Clean Registry / ul
Defragment Registry / ul
Remove broken shortcuts / ul
Accelerate system startup and shotdown / ul
Defragment hard drive / ul 2 - Gain disk space - Unnecessary files - get rid of unnecessary data - Old backups - this might take up to 10 GB ... but do not touch this unless you really do not need the space ... 3 - Fix problems go through: Fix common problems
Check hard disk for errors / ul I hope I helped you and you will these tips to help you make your computer faster and more efficiently ...

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