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Free alternative to Photoshop

Free alternative to Photoshop. Youve probably noticed that now all changed the look of your images, especially on Facebook

You probably noticed that now all changed the look of your images, especially on Facebook. But most used programs that are too transparent and immediately see that there is something changed. A program such as Photoshop are too expensive and complex. Is there a free substitute for, a program called GIMP. This program is one of the most famous nearly free alternative to Photoshop. Current portable version comes in file size about 19 MB. can be downloaded from their official site Click here / em . user interface allows you to work surface easily and quickly adapt to their needs. In order to best meet the full potential of the program, you can import any of your photos and then over it to try each working element. There is also a large number of sites with tutorials like this. It includes tutorials on the Serbian language and cover some basic knowledge. But you can also use tutorijalie for Photoshop, of course, limits to some work. I hope this program will help to further work with images.

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