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How do I activate AVG antivirus

How do I activate AVG antivirus. AVG antivirus is a type of free antivirus protection for Windows operating system and it is difficult to activate

AVG antivirus is a type of free antivirus protection for Windows operating system and it is difficult to activate.
AVG antivirus scans the entire hard drive of your computer for unwanted viruses that you could pick up on the web or otherwise. Once you have install, you just need to activate it. How do I activate AVG antivirus? 1 - very easy and simply click on the Start in the lower left corner 2 - Then click on All Programs and find AVG Antivirus 3 - Click on the icon AVG antivirals in the folder. This will load it and all you need to do that he began to scan your computer for viruses, is to click Scan AVG and everything else works for you. Note: - Antivirus are very essential to the health of your computer and the preservation of normal operation so that she could not ignore their need.

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