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How to keep drives

Keeping your disks. Most people do not know how to keep your drives or are simply too lazy to have done

Most people do not know how to keep your drives or are simply too lazy to have done. Like most other cases, and CDs have a shelf life and can be damaged so that the reader can no longer read the digital readout on the back CD. Once it is in the increasingly dirty or scratched, the laser reader becomes more difficult to read what is written on the CD. This can be very frustrating, especially when we have data from that disc required. Therefore, as and all other technicalities, it is necessary to take into account the cleanliness and maintenance of their CDs. This is not a complicated process, and does not require any skill. All youll need to maintain the CD is: soft cloth, baby shampoo, lukewarm distilled water and alcohol. Follow the following steps to clean the disk and apply them to each disc of saved data that you are important and you want to save: 1 - On the back of the drive you can usually find fingerprints. It is because people often do not pay attention to the way that keep the drive when handling it. Note that always, even when cleaning the disc is positioned so that your fingers and the palm does not come directly into contact with the face or reverse face disk. Disk Keep one finger through the central cavity, and the other fingers hold the disc by its edges.
These stains from your fingers is best removed using an alcohol solution. It is recommended that this is not acetone, it is too strong and excessive amounts of acetone can erodes the surface of the disk and thus destroy the information contained in it. 2 - If you just want to get rid of dust on the disk, you should not use any alcohol. Dust will be addressed by disk overwrite fabric that have previously moistened with distilled water . When overwriting the disk surface, using a longitudinal or transverse movements by hand, avoid cleaning the disk arms in a circular motion. 3 - Once you overwrite your drives, they need to leave some time in the air to properly dry. Wipe the face and back of the disk slice dry cloth and allow the disk to dry for not more than an hour. 4 - Keep your discs in plastic or paper boxes when not in use. If you stand outside of them, are exposed to dust or other defects that can cause inattention, which can cause scratches on the disc. 5 - Repeat this process at least once a month. so that your CDs, along with the data stored on them last longer.

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