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How to clean your computer from viruses

How to clean your computer from viruses. Computer viruses are very insidious, hidden, and as their biological counterparts, constantly mutating

Computer viruses are very insidious, hidden, and as their biological counterparts, constantly mutating. It is very important that you know to clean your computer from viruses.
If you suspect that your computer is infected, you should take some basic steps for determination of the doubt, and to clean any viruses. In this article we will give you some basic advice on what you should do in such cases: 1 - As soon as you suspect that your computer is infected, disconnect it from any network to which it is attached, as well as Internet connection you have. Prevent the infection and other computers, or that in the meantime pick up some viruses. 2 - If you already have installed some software to scan for viruses, just open it and run a scan. 3 - If you do not have any antivirus software, you must obtain one. Ask a friend who he used antivirus and you borrow the installation. At the very least, look at some internet forums, what other people are using and where you can download a free version of antivirus. Heres the links to some free versions of antivirus:
- AVG Free Home - Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Home - Avast antivirus 4 - Launch your new antivirus scanning and switch. I still do not return the computer and connect to the network. 5 - Have patience and wait for antivirus scanning to the end. If the judge will take a long time, you can go to lunch, dinner, a break, do something else and come back when it finishes the process. 6 - When the scan and clean viruses over, re-connect your computer to the internet and see what the current situation and whether your antivirus demonstrates even some viruses. 7 - Make sure your antivirus application updates, and if necessary update ujte it to a newer version and do regular scans your computer for unwanted viruses.

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