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How to use Photoshop

How to use Photoshop. Before finding out what the basics on how to use Photoshop, you know that he has plenty of options and features

Before finding out what the basics on how to use Photoshop, you know that he has plenty of options and possibilities. Use any version of Photoshop can seem a bit difficult at first, but with a little time and practice, imaging in this program can become very Easy. This article will help you in getting acquainted with some basic options that a program that offers to help you streamline your photos. 1 - Select the windows you open. In the Windows menu you can select a number of different windows that can open to be visible on your desktop. To see the window, check it in the above menu. If you do not want to see that window, assuming that it is already checked, click once to this option. Windows that you use most often the Tools and Options, but you can open any for which you believe will be helpful. 2 - Vary the amount of light in the pictures. If you have some pictures preosvetljene or too little illuminated, you can refine them by changing lighting on them. This is accomplished by using the Levels option from the Adjustments submenu Image menu. You will see three arrows at the bottom of the image. With the help of black arrows adjust how the image is dark, adjust the quantity of white light in the image and use the gray for finer adjustment. Move the arrow to the right will generally darken the image, while moving the arrow to the left lighten it. Play with arrows until you find that the lighting in the picture is satisfactory. 3 - Change the brightness / contrast of the picture. From the Adjustments menu you can select the option Brightness / Contrast which you can use to change the light. Clicking on it will call the two bars. By moving the arrows on the top bar adjust brightness in the image, while moving the arrow on the bottom bar adjusts its contrast. 4 - Change the color of the image. The Color Balance is located in the Adjustments menu. Selecting this option will open the three boxes, each of which is designed for a specific combination of colors, purple-red, magenta, and yellow-green-blue. Mouse you can adjust the color combination that will adjust your image. If all three arrows hold the line, your image will not suffer any change in terms of color, regardless of the position of arrows in the field. 5 - If you do not want to do this manually, try selecting the option Auto Color, Auto Contrast or Auto Levels from the Adjustments menu. This can result in different ways, especially when it comes to Auto Color option, but you can save time. 6 - Try option Image / Cavas Size and Rotation. In the options Image can adjust the size and position of the image. Image Size is used to adjust the size of the picture. Canvas Size does not relate to the size, but the surface on which to find that picture. If such land is intended for fixing images smaller than the size of the picture, its corners will be cut off. Rotate Canvas helps with the rotation of the surface. 7 - Adjust the picture using the Free Transform option using the marquee tool to select all, press Ctrl + A, go to Edit, then click Free Transform. Click on the boxes that are located on the corners of the image and hold down the left mouse button while moving the cursor to adjust the image freely. If you want to extract a specific part of the image, select it using the marquee or lasso tool, go to Image menu and select Crop. This will extract only the selected image area previously. 8 - Note that using the Filter button you can inject a number of effects to your image. Each filter has a special name that in itself explains the effect that its use leads to the picture. Some, such as the Sharpen or Blur for example, will have little effect on the image every time you clicked on them. Other filters will allow you to adjust how the filter will have no effect on the image by moving the arrow, as is the case with the option Brightness / Contrast. Since in this menu, you have many different options to you to each of them independently tested to see what impact left on the picture. 9 - Use layers. Whenever you include text or elements from other images, create a new layer. Each of them can be edited separately without affecting the main photo. To be able to edit and edit each layer separately, open them from the Windows menu and within it you can move from one layer to another. When you finish editing each layer separately, using the Merge Visible option to merge all layers into one. 10 - Keep your photo. To you that you will use an extention to save your file. Frequently the images stored in JPEG format, but you can change it via the File menu, click on Save As and selecting Format a. Thus you will see a list of extensions that you can remember your file. After selecting the desired format, remember the image by clicking the Save.

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