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How to sell a house

How to sell an apartment. Sell house is not at all naive and simple

Sell apartment is not naive and simple. Sale of an apartment is usually resolve important questions of life, gain a significant financial resources, it is necessary to sell the apartment to conduct a safe and legal manner. Here we have an apartment, which is filed without load and without a record. apartment for sale, it is necessary to hire a lawyer whose professional help you in a proper and legal way to do this legal work. How to sell house? 1 - Advertising. If you want to sell the house first with the decision to know your close friends and acquaintances, you may be one of them decides to purchase. Sale apartment listings in one of the daily or weekly newspapers that advertise real estate or contact any of the licensed real estate agency. In addition, an ad to sell a house you can publish on the internet many sites on which to advertise the property. Ask and select an authorized agency with good reputation. Typically, the agency charged by the flat buyer agency commission of up to 3% of the price of the apartment. 2 - Evidence of ownership. Prepare all the valid evidence of ownership of the apartment who sell and specify all significant terms of sale - the price, payment term, the date of taking possession, and everything else -. 3 - Purchase contract and down payment. When you find a buyer with whom you have agreed to all conditions of sale of the apartment, the buyer looking for a down payment in the amount of 10% of the selling price - this is the usual amount of down payment - and the buyer enter into a purchase contract which will contain all the elements of your agreement.
Purchase agreement required for approval in court. It is common for certification expenses incurred by the buyer. 4 - Payment . After verification of the contract with the buyer go to the bank for payment of contract price on your current account. money you paid if you wish to raise with the bank account the same day.
When your customer pays in full the purchase price of the apartment with the buyer go to the apartment and introduce it into his possession by hand in the keys that you have sold the flat. Notes: - Be very careful if you hire an apartment for sale real estate agency. First of all because the sale of flats involved a number of agencies that are not registered anywhere, and therefore these work dealing with a completely unauthorized and unlawful. In addition some agencies do not have the appropriate registered professional personnel, and it may be that this legal work is not done in a proper and lawful manner. Therefore, previously well, and then ask the agency that is legally registered and authorized to this type of work, and especially one that the real estate market has a good reputation. - The proceeds from the sale of the apartment does not hold in the apartment, but it must take to the bank, in a safe or saving, because it is the safest.

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