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How to write and deliver a speech

How to write and deliver a speech. In the media every day we see more or less successful speakers

In the media every day we see more or less successful speakers. Like all other skills, and this time it is acquired through experience.
In this article we will explain how to write and deliver a successful speech. 1 - Pay attention to the target group whose need to attract the attention. First, think about this and adjust your vocabulary and you call that. If they are younger, try to use the more modern examples, while in the case of older turn to good old classics. 2 - Determine how long your Speech. Depending on the length of time share for the introduction, ie negotiate presenting problem, the solution of the same conclusion. last section allow for questions and answers. 3 - First write the main points. some time, think about each of them individually and record their ideas. It to take time for this, to avoid possible errors or missed some important details. Every speech should contain the basic information of your biography. At the beginning of the play is so important you specify information about yourself. 4 - In peace and silence compose your speaking. Then read it aloud several times. also read it and its neighbors, whose advice you can use. 5 - Try to small jokes, interesting examples, modern view of the topic, enrich their speech and thus keep the attention of your audience. 6 - Turn on active and the audience in his presentation. You do this by example at the beginning and end of his speech to set the same question. point is that they are thanks to your speech be richer for the knowledge. 7 - Try to get as much supporting material in the form of statistical facts and examples in everyday life. 8 - Conclusion is the most important. Make sure that your sentences are as simple as possible, taking into account the pronunciation and diction. Tips and notes: Home - If you want to leave a distinctive impression that bring attention to the visual moment, including the way you dress, appearance, presentation and the atmosphere. Home - During a speech let your eyes follow the sentence. For every thought, sentence or paragraph, look at another person. This will establish the best contact with the audience.
- Body language can favorably or adversely affect your speech. Try not to wave your hands unnecessarily, but also not to be either too static.

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