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How to Make a FileSonic

How to Make a FileSonic. It is a known fact that the internet can earn an average salary with a little effort and work

is a known fact that the internet can earn an average salary with a little effort and work. There are several methods by which one can earn, and one of them and upload methods. In this article we will give you tips on how to make money on FileSonic-in. What is actually upload earnings? Upload salary is such kind of money on the internet that whenever someone removed a file that you previously uploading you get money for it. money you get from the server as a FileSonic. FileSonic is one of the best upload server, if not the best, because the price to download FileSonic higher than other servers.
If you say you have 1000 download, you can earn up to $ 30 which is not a small sum of money as opposed to the investment of time . Earnings can not exceed the $ 300-400 a month, if you are persistent and not afraid to work.
All you need to do to increase your budget to 300 $ per month is to follow these guidelines: 1 - Register at the above mentioned site FileSonic. - If you have successfully registered, proceed to step two: - 2 - Consider what kind of content you would like to do, ie what you want to upload? Is it Warez content? - which include: games, movies, apps, music -. Or you might prefer that you work with Adult content? - content for people with 18 + years - After you choose the content that you want to work, go to step three: - 3 - When upload a file you have selected - for example a game or movie - visit the following forums: Forum 1 Forum 2
Forum 3 Forum 4 Forum 5
on these forums to register and then you need to create a New Topic and insert your links that you received after uploading. Also the links you need to add some pictures and description - of course they agree with the topic -. This thread will be better and will bring you more money to us is the goal. In these forums, you can find many similar that you can add your Uploaded Content. Payments with FileSonic are regular and can be made to: AlertPay, PayPal and WebMoney. order to pick up your money in your account you must have more than $ 15.

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