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How to make money with Full Traffic

How to make money with Full Traffic. Full Traffic is one of the better sites that have PPI

Full Traffic is one of the better sites that have PPI - Pay Per Impression - program. What does it mean to pay for every 000 first impressions. Price 000 first impressions ranging from 0 to $ 70 up to the first $ 50 . To begin working with Full Traffic-om you must be registered on their site. Registrciju can be made here: Registration After successfully completing registration you need to on his blog site or make a so-called ad zone, ie. area where you need to paste code that comes after registration.
After 2-3h ads will begin running on your site / blog. ad system is as follows: Whenever someone accesses your site or blog, after full load appears Full Traffic advertising. Advertising has the option Skip ad, which means that if the site visitor wants to continue to stay on the site will need to click on the above option, ie, skip ad. Setting display advertisements and you can customize. In fact you have the opportunity to set the how times you want the ads to appear Traffica Full visitor of your site, depending on how many impressions made on the website / blog. order to pick up your money with FullTraffica you must have a minimum of $ 50. Payments are made via AlertPay and PayPal. Warning: If you have a website on the AdSense ads, then do not recommend working with Full Traffic-infection because the CTR AdSense ad will drop significantly. S then consider carefully whether you want Full Traffic to your site, if you already have AdSense ads .

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