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How to Make the Jungle Audio

How to Make the Audio Jungle. Another internet marketplace that gives you the possibility of internet income is Envato

Another online marketplace that gives you the possibility of internet income is Envato. This is a community which includes several different internet stores. All are focused on supply and demand of multimedia content which relates to audio clips, video clips, finished works, scripts, presses for web pages and presentations. Audio Jungle is a branch of the Envato Marketplaces and specializes in trading short and long audio tracks for background music in some projects - commercials, jingles, background music for games, web sites etc. -. Reporting and membership, after cliché application where you will leave some basic information about yourself or your group and where you will be familiar with the rules of business behavior and the Jungle Audio-in, get your portfolio. This is where you upload your music creations and offer other authors or visitors purchasing them. Your earnings will depend on the prices set by the reviewers of the site after receiving the materials and setting up the portfolio, and the percentage that you as an exclusive or ordinary by taking. If during the application verify that you are exclusive by , you confirm that your musical material on offer can only be found on the Audio Jungle-in the Envato. In this case, your initial margin will be 50% of sales. So, if you sell musical material from the site reviewers assessed at 14 $ - U.S. $ -, your will be 7 $. Otherwise, if you register as a non-exclusive member, that is, if your offer works and on other sites to sell, your margin will be 25% of the full cost of materials sold. When you upload a track you need to attach the same. mp3 and. wav format, and preview that will be placed directly on your portfolio, with appropriate protection. Thus, the authors website and you protect yourself against misuse of your music content. The information you need to attach at boot tracks related to its name, brief description, musical direction - the site for clarity - the pace, bitrate - audio recording quality - on whether it comes loop-to-date material or not - that is, it is repeated after a certain lapse of time - as well as tags that will help you track your approach to customers who require a special kind of background music for your project. Similar to other social networks, and Audio Jungle allows networking with other authors, there is an opportunity assessment materials, commenting on projects, and the possibility that some authors who are interesting to you follow, ie. to receive notification of new projects that are the same in their portfolio.
So, if you do music, this is One way to monetize your talent and hard work.

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