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How to sell shares

How to sell shares. If you want to sell shares, you need a broker

If you want to sell shares, you need a broker. Broker is an intermediary in the sale of shares and the stock market acts as an agent of its clients and shareholders.
For their services charge a commission which is usually a percentage of the supply. Here are some guidelines that will help you successfully sell your shares: 1 - You need to contact the broker - dealer company and to enter into a contract with them on Mediation. Only broker has the right to sell the stock. You as an individual, you do not have the right to buy shares. 2 - You need to open a dedicated bank account is a member of the Central Registry, so that upon completion of the trade, money the buyer could not be transferred to your account. 3 - You need to give your broker an order to sell you shares in which you control the bottom amount below which you will sell the shares and the applicable deadline for the sale. Notes: - Do not sell the shares at the suggestion or the suggestion of others, but to judge their true value. Shares do not have to sell for money, but gives you the stock market and the possibility of replacing the some other action. - Before the sale of shares, think carefully and study the current position of the company whose shares you own. Maybe this month due to lower operating costs or higher, your shares are worth much less than it would be worth in the future.

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