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How to become a lawyer

How to become a lawyer. Before you get the answers to questions on how to become a lawyer, know that this is a very responsible and serious work

Before you get the answers to questions on how to become a lawyer, know that this is a very responsible and serious business.
Advocacy is an independent public activity where the primary goal of providing legal aid to citizens. To become a lawyer must meet the following requirements: 1 - You should have a general health capacity 2 - a law degree and the title of Bachelor of Law degree 3 - After graduation, some time should be doing in the field of law. This time is set by the Bar Examination and its length depends the type of legal work performed by the candidate 4 - You should have passed the bar examination consisting of written and oral parts. the written exam to solve practical cases the matter of criminal and civil law, and at the oral part of the exam take the following exams: - The constitutional right to the organization of the judiciary Home - Labor Law Home - Administrative Law Home - Civil Code Home - Criminal Law Home - Commercial Law Home - Private International Law 5 - You need to be a candidate that meets the requirements at their own request to enroll attorneys kept by the Bar Association and the oath without the text of which reads: I swear that I will conscientiously perform the duties of lawyers, that I will abide in his work of the constitution, laws and regulations, Statutes of Commerce and the Code of Professional Ethics and will conduct its proceedings and protect the reputation of the legal profession. Notes: - In addition to meeting the formal requirements, the lawyer should possess a range of features that make it eligible for the practice of law: fairness, professionalism, ethics, humanity, a high level of empathy for the problems of their clients and so on. - unauthorized practice of providing legal assistance that is giving legal advice, preparing submissions and representing clients in court, administrative or any other proceedings for compensation, is a criminal offense under the Act.

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