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How to rent an apartment

How to rent an apartment. Apartment can be rented in order to live and to perform certain activities, then as an office

The flat can be rented in order to live and to perform certain activities, then as office space. Here we have an apartment as a property that is issued for housing. To rent an apartment? 1 - Depending on whether you are a student or employee person, single or have a family, think what you are living or working needs. Accordingly opt for the first part of the city where you will rent an apartment, bearing in mind the proximity of faculty, library, workplace, kindergartens, nurseries, doctors, good connection with the part of the city that you need, and others., as well as your financial capabilities. Note that the apartment in the city center to be more expensive than on the outskirts of town, and buys the apartment next to determine the location and size, equipment, floors, etc.. 2 - If the apartment rent directly from owners of the apartment, previously well make sure the person who owns the apartment of the same and only after a thorough check - with the help of a lawyer - with the owner of the apartment rental agreements terms. 3 - If you rent a flat through an agency , be very careful, because the apartment rental agencies often unregistered and therefore illegal and unreliable. special care and shall make no deal with agencies who ask you forward a certain amount of money in the name of membership, as this is prohibited by law. 4 - With a proven agency agree terms for their involvement with it and conclude the mediation contract. Keep in mind that these agencies charge their fees in the amount of 50% to 100% of the one-month rental apartment, and that this commission will be paid only after the conclusion of the Agreement lease. 5 - After a thorough check with the landlord enter into lease agreement which will contain all what you have previously agreed with the owner. If the owner does not want to conclude a contract to lease the apartment - which is rare - well Assess whether you under these conditions generally flat to rent. If you decide to rent the apartment without a signed contract, rent to pay only a month, not in advance. lease agreement may or may not necessarily be certified by the court. Note: - Due to is often the case that the housing issue of persons who are not their rightful owners, the owners of a house at the same time one and the same issue more than one person, and that there are a number of illegal agency, it is necessary for this job hiring legal counsel to avoid any consequences that for you in this case could occur.

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