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How to sell a garage

How to sell garage sale. Garages that garage spaces was recently expressed in many major cities, especially in the central part of Belgrade

garage sale that garage spaces was recently expressed in many major cities, especially in central Belgrade. Garage sale - garage spaces - the most common in new residential buildings, as well as in buildings under construction. This has to garage which is located in a building that is registered. How to sell a garage? 1 - first garage sale ads from acquaintances and business associates, maybe one of them is interested in purchasing. Post a garage sale in some of the daily or weekly newspapers that advertise or sell real estate contact any of the licensed real estate agency. Ask and select an agency that has a good reputation. agency for its services from the customer charge agency commission of up to 3% of the cost of the garage. 2 - Prepare all the valid proof of ownership you sell the garage and specify all significant terms of sale - the price, payment term, the date of taking possession, etc. -. 3 - When you find a buyer with whom you have agreed to all conditions of the garage sale, the buyer looking for a down payment in the amount of 10% of the selling price of the garage - this is the usual amount of down payment - and the buyer enter into a purchase contract which will contain all the elements of your agreement. 4 - Purchase agreement required for approval in court. It is common for certification expenses incurred by the buyer. 5 - After verification of the contract with the buyer go to the bank for payment of the agreed rates on your current account. money you paid if you wish to raise with the bank account the same day. 6 - When your customer pays in full the garage with the buyer go to place and introduce it into possession by him teach garage. Notes: - For sale garage / garage spaces it is necessary to hire a lawyer whose professional help you in a proper and legal way to do this legal work. - Be very careful if the garage sale / garage spaces hire a real estate agency. This is primarily due to the sale real estate deals with a number of agencies that are not registered anywhere, and therefore this business totally unauthorized and unlawful. In addition some agencies do not have the appropriate registered professional personnel, and it may be that this legal work is not done in a proper and lawful manner. why previously well, and then ask the agency that is legally registered and authorized for this type of work, and especially one that the real estate market has a good reputation.

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