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How to make money through PTC paid to click sites?

How to make money through PTC

PTC earnings is currently the most popular method of raising on the Internet because it requires almost no knowledge. There are thousands of PTC sites, but the problem is that most of them paid their regular customers. In this article we will describe only the sites that paid regularly and online are more than 8 months. the PTC sites to earn by watching ads and renting referrals - people who watch commercials for you - the money you earned is at this site. principle of viewing the same ads on all PTC sites. Log into your account, then click on view ads that are usually located in the main site navigation menu, click on the advertisement, and then mainly in the red dot in the middle - this system is to prevent the use of bots or programs that automatically sing -. When it do need to wait to run out some time - usually 30 seconds - and then your account will be rewarded with a 0 $ 01 - the most common price you pay PTC sites for commercial pogledanoj -. This of course is not the sum of which will you meet . main catch on the PTC sites referrals. There are two types of referrals: 1 Direct referrals - people that you refer to the site. They remain forever your second referrals rented referrals - you can rent them the money that you earn on the site. of rented referrals will be receiving 95% of your earnings. Initially rent 3, and repeat this process are 2.3 times, then 5, then 10 and so on. This takes a long time, but if you are persistent and patient in one year you will have a constant inflow of about $ 200 a month which is not a small sum when one considers that the computer will spend less than 15 minutes a day! Which PTC sites are safe? first NeoBux - by far the best PTC site that the online scene for more than 3 years. 2 onBux - originated in the tradition of NeoBux and is currently the most cost effective site for better operation of rented referrals third MyBux - an excellent site where you can except on classic commercials and make money by completing short surveys Incrasebux 4th - Website which gives 5 ads a day on which the rented referrals are working without problems. disadvantage of this site compared to the first consists in the fact that it takes 30 days to pay - for a standard membership - Note: To receive money from PTC sites, you need AlertPay is the account that you can do for free at www. alertpay. com. By: Milos

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