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How to write a resignation

How to write a resignation. One of the greatest secret of success is to know when to change jobs and move on

One of the greatest secret of success is to know when to change jobs and move on. A written resignation with the right, thisll do it with pleasure and at the same time remain on good terms with your former employer.
How to write a resignation Thank the
. Resist the temptation to say something you should not unless you want to be remembered as an ungrateful cmizdravka. In fact, do the opposite. Note the positive memories of your business. Mention that he is positively influenced your career. Give sufficient notice. politely to give your employer enough time to fill your place. If your business is complicated, your employer may need more time to train your replacement. Let the minimum notice period is two weeks. Stay professional. Show respect and Civility. not use emotional or controversial statements in your letter. You are professional and give the dismissal as a professional. Use the sandwich technique in which bad news for your departure reduces the positive statements. Always start the letter passage that exudes a positive attitude. Write a resignation in the middle Letters. Finish the letter in a positive tone. Example of short letter of resignation - Name of employer - was an honor to work for your company over the last two years. This letter shall serve as notice for a period of two weeks. My last day in your companys April 2, 2011. Always I will be grateful for the practical lessons and valuable experience that I got accumulated working for you. Sincerely, Home - Your name - SavetiNe talk about your resignation with your colleagues at work, so you can create negative energy in the office. not even ask for advice on writing a resignation. not spread your confidence after resignations or after. not looking for a recommendation from your supervisor. In order to seek a recommendation, but it would be better to do after you rate the response of your boss . Let the letter is simple. Try to be brief, clear and direct. not want your letter must be further interpreted. resignation is a document that will probably be added to your personal file. sure what to write in that document. not ispoljavajte any kind of emotion in the letter. Avoid the temptation to tell your boss or your co-workers to check the policy of the notice period in your company. In many companies there is a notice period of two weeks. Otherwise, company policy may be to you in the future never more to consider as a candidate for a position. In his letter of resignation must indicate the current date of writing the resignation and the date of the last working day in the company. Keep in mind that the moment you submit your resignation, you may be told that packing your things and to leave the company at the end of the day. Do not rely on the notice period of two weeks of job search, do so before the resignation. do not specify the reasons for leaving. Write that you decided to go because you get a chance and thats too good for your career that you miss.

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