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How to survive the day

How to survive the day. Just the thought that tomorrow is another day cause you nausea, rising pressure and stomach spasms to you

Just the thought that tomorrow is another day cause you nausea, rising pressure and twitch your stomach. You lie down early to got up early, check weather forecasts to select clothes and shoes for tomorrow, think about congestion in the transportation and responsibilities that await you at work.
If you pay attention, you realize that most of the frustration of actually moving yourself, because youre just thinking about the day you yourself raised pressure. Change your attitude, it is the first step. not look day as something negative but as a failed day, but some type of positive thinking and to find at least one pleasant thing.
How to survive day
has been proven that we suddenly wake up stresira. particularly loud alarm clocks. solution is to find such an alarm clock that has a pleasant tone, alarm clock with music, set the mini-line of automatic or set your phone to be your favorite song. morning toilet.
While eyelids open, get out of bed , stretch, and they began to get to the bathroom, you realize that you are late. Do not panic. Speed ​​is cool, and wash and aromatic soaps and shower baths will awaken your senses and help you and help you before you make your own rhythm. If persistent late, try to get up at least 15 minutes before the store is no rush. Breakfast.
Our grandmother put up a rule that you can not leave the house until breakfast. No matter what you are hungry and you are sleeping, you should to insert in the bill at least a tablespoon of honey, sweet candy bar or energy. In addition to food to awaken your body and give you energy, an early breakfast you also keep a good line. Liquid.
Drink plenty of water. No matter how much you should drink a lot of repeat fluid a day, exhausted, or if you have regular headaches at work, then this is evidence that they actually do not drink enough water. enough water per day is around 8 glasses, and you count how many times a day, drink water. Pain in the neck bones, swollen feet,
headaches ... The first thing to do is drink a few glasses of water. Another is to razmrdate. From time to time a little stretch, stand, walk, if possible, at least around the table, crouch, yawns. Staying in one position during working hours will do to begin to collect, humpback and old before your time. Help your body to establish normal circulation during the day. also ventilate the room a bit, but youre not sitting in drafts, breathe fresh air. If you have a conflict at work, not padajte immediately into the fire. First, take a deep breath and it will give you a chance to think about it and react properly. Read an article on how to prevent conflict. When you finally get home from work, not fall into lethargy. Do not let work take over your whole day, all your interests, activities, and your whole life. Pay attention to those who love you, you love and the things that are dear to you. take time off work not only for holidays but also for your hobbies and other pleasurable activities that you charge the batteries . Odgledajte good movie with a friend or partner, read something, have a drink with someone, take a walk. Play with your children, visit relatives, tidy house. Or cook something for your loved ones. Do not allow yourself to become one of those annoying and negative person whose life is limited to work on developments in relation to work. work should be your only one aspect of a thousand other daily - and life - aspects. Count how many activities have during the day, not counting work, and then consider how to increase the number of activities. When you become occupied with positive things daily, you will not have time to stresirate the day.

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