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How to save for a job interview

How to save for a job interview. First impression is something that is easy to acquire, but difficult to change

The first impression is something that is easy to acquire, but difficult to change. Interviews for a job can be very short and shallow, giving you little time to show his best. That is another situation in question, and perhaps find your way around at the time, but the job interview you have a bunch of aggravating factors - perhaps too many candidates may be done before all calls to all candidates, so you are uncomfortable, maybe not your day ... In the text you will find a few tips that can help to keep the better first impression and to introduce a short time in the best light.
How to save for a job interview
Apparel. Do not exaggerate, but do not go into too relaxed version. see that combination suits your years, but the job you are applying. A famous saying goes, you do not need to dress for the job in hand, but the job you want. Architects and engineers, for example, we know by the strict, almost geometric cuts - that is, blazers, and turtleneck collars - which combine with a relaxed with a piece of clothing. This is an example of you, and you depending on your profession, know what it means. most important thing is to be dressed decently. For men this means no shoes - shoe- shoes can not pass - there is no broad and bright denim jeans, sweaters, bermuda, sleeveless shirt. for the girls - not bare knees, cleavage and belly. Do sweat shirts. Super high heels is no place in a job interview, its better to leave them to exit. And for the guys and girls for the hygiene is important, but do not go to another extreme, and you show up in a cloud of perfume or deodorant. Show up on time. delay will be tolerated only if you are an irreplaceable expert. To be an expert in some areas, you should have a few years of his career in the profession, as well as dozens of audio clients. If you do not have any of this, you are not an expert, so do not behave like that. Be who you are. nervousness and a desire to better show We can take two negative extremes - that sounds too obedient or to sound too arrogant. Neither will help you to make a good impression. Introduce yourself as nicely mannered adult who is sure of itself. How? Enter the safe room Handle it standing up, a handshake must be firm - but do not break the bones of the hand - clearly and loudly state your name, not brzajte not and whispers. let your breath be fresh, and if you forget to remove gum before entering , then at least try not to chew. Sit down when you say sit down and do not progovarajte until you can not put a specific question. Try to be positive. When someone is nervous or negative, it transfers its energy to the environment. It is the same with positive energy. If you are too nervous, you try to smile all the time is on your face. If you are smiling enough and your body will unconsciously accept this game and you will actually become positive. Listen carefully. not brbljajte. Speak when you ask a question, but are not rasplinjavajte. You have one mouth and two ears for a reason. If you have a question to ask, do not interrupt his guests, but wait to get the word. Come prepared for a job interview. This means that you have brought all their data, document, portfolio, book, or the like. It also means that you are informed about the companies you are called, you know what they do, what their parole, and that should feature in your company if you employ. Please note that your rights. Act regulates what a potential employer allowed to ask and what not and how should talk to you. If you set inappropriate, personal or other matters, you know that you do not have to answer, and if you want You can go to court or the Ministry of Labour. example of inappropriate questions is when an employer asks whether the candidate is planning to bear children in the near future, do you plan to marry, how many serious relationships and so on. Also, no one can insist that to declare related to ethnicity or religion. Insults on these grounds is also punishable under the laws of Serbia. No one of you must not cry, you insult, belittle, conditions, and blackmail. Also pay attention to the contracts signed - a must read, and if to you being pressured to sign immediately, know that by law can not sign a contract in the next 8-15 business days - depending on the type of contract, and work days do not include Saturday and Sunday, ie. not counted in counting of 8 - 15 days -. If you suspect something in the contract, youre probably right. Do not hesitate to ask what it is. For the period from April 2012. to February 2013. minimum wage per hour is 115 dinars. After 6 months of work you are entitled to an annual holiday. Minimum 20 days annual leave. This law increases the minimum years of service, education, etc.. If the holiday is used in parts - a commonly used - then you need to know to use vacation from July to June next one year. That is, their current annual leave you are entitled to use the latest by 30 June next year, and then you begin to run a new holiday. When you come prepared to discuss this information and savvy law, not that he was strong, and you start to intellectualization. I would rather keep secret. When finished talking, politely say goodbye, thank them for the invitation and the time you paid, do not forget firm handshake and leave smiling.

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