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How is the procedure for termination of employment

How is the procedure for termination of employment. Since the crisis came to us as guests, failure is not something that happens only some there who might know or not know

Since the crisis came to us as guests, failure is not something that happens only some there who might know or not know. They open and close the company, introduces the European standard working hours, with an amazing and national minimum wage, creating a pace that few could bear. Therefore, the workers often change, interchange, giving up three months unpaid probation, and those who sustain the pace, agree to work for petty cash. If you have the misfortune to just exist in your company redundancy, and you are not anyones nephew, cousin or poltroon of a party, then read the text. Even you have any cancellation rights that the employer usually tries to deny you, hoping that either do not know or may not.

How is the procedure for termination of employment - dismissal - failure
Before you sleduje written notice from the employer that your job could be abolished or that you could get fired. employer shall inform you about the reasons and provide you with opportunity to improve things, if you do. period between the notification and the decision on termination should be about 3-6 months. cancellation is given to you in writing and in person, and in exceptional cases, the employer sends to your home address. If you really did not could come in contact with you and to personally terminate or if you refused to accept failure, then the employer will announce a decision on cancellation on the board for information. In this case, your failure starts eight working days of hanging on the board . If you have a written decision on cancellation received in hand, you should sign it and date when you received it, if the date is not entered. What you receive a written decision on the cancellation does not mean that the document is fully consistent with the law. Carefully read through it, consider whether the reasoning justified the cancellation and verify that the end is legal remedy. legal remedy is a legal notice of the opportunities that are available to you in case you think that the dismissal was unfair or illegal. From the moment you accept a solution, your work obligation is completed, the employer is obliged to you within a month pays all debts. Debts that you are the employer is required to unpaid wages, bonuses, compensation, retirement benefits and possible financial compensation for unused annual leave. If the cancellation or the employer did not use the annual leave year, then we can negotiate with the employer to first vacation, so that you terminated or that these unused vacation pay in full or that you draw up a certificate of unused vacation that you will ensure that the annual the next employer. This third option you disservice, because no need to think about the holiday when it has yet to prove a new job or a new employer will appeal the decision . After cancellation, the workbook with certified and other documents are going into the national employment service - for unemployment - and there you are again reported in the records. type of failure depends on whether you will be entitled to compensation from the state or not. back to the remedy. If for any reason you feel that the dismissal was unjust or illegal, you have several solutions. Cancellation is illegal if you are fired / a due to sick leave, annual, maternity leave. It is illegal if it is mentioned as a reason for termination of your involvement in strike or union employees, your nationality, sex, language, disability. It is unlawful if the employer is mentioned as reasons for failure of some factors that are completely unknown to us, but sound. It can be a reference to regulations of the company and meeting standards, and that in the firm, there are no rules or norms. Who do you turn to for legal help? It is necessary to first repent court. You can contact the Court within 90 days after the delivery failure. In the lawsuit are compiled, it is necessary to commit to and copies of other important documents relating to your employment. After court, and you wrote an application to the Labour Inspectorate. Inspection you can apply and if youre working illegally, but on condition that the company where you worked, legal. the Labour Inspectorate submitted orally before an inspector who makes the record or in writing. Be sure to take with all the necessary documents. Your identity remains in the application secret between you and the inspection and your employer will never be able to find out that you have it you just reported. anonymous report does not exist, because you at every inspection and every application you have to provide it, but the inspection shall be kept. In addition, the inspection should not the employer or to say whether it is a general report. From the moment your application, the inspection shall, within 15 days month to examine information and evidence, and tell you about the results. This may last longer if the company headquarters in another city or if the inspectors need more time to establish all the facts. Inspectors will write to the employer any irregularity or a criminal offense application, notify all other organs which are found related offenses. For any irregularity may fine the employer up to one million dinars for the offense / violation. about his final decision and will inform the inspection time, and you shall submit their claims solutions that have already filed court or will you write another complaint. to consult with a lawyer about this. If you have no money for legal protection, you can seek advice in free legal services. They will usually be found at the town hall of every town in Serbia and there you will find information on other free legal services . If the inspection determines that you are working illegally discharged, may order the employer to reinstate you if you want to. doing so will your employer pay all outstanding wages are omitted from the cancellation. If you do not want to return to work, then the your employer still pay compensation until the court reaches a final decision. These details will vary from case to case, but is essentially the same - the employer owes you money. How much - depends on the individual case. SavetiNe go the path of least resistance, if you know youre right. Nothing you lose time if you try to protect the law, you will gain a lot. Do not listen to comments like the law protects the employer, because completely inaccurate. Labor Law can be found on the internet, so Ill check. I do not accept illegal and degrading conditions. got some rights that you no one can deny, why do not you renounce them. If you have any questions or would like some clarification of their rights, please contact the author of this article.

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