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How to hire staff

How to hire workers. If your company wants to hire someone, then it no longer depends on the extent of their CVs

If your company wants to hire someone, then it no longer depends on the extent of their CVs. Employers look for a package, a candidate who is successful in many different areas, to cope well in a job interview and can show that the company will benefit from his presence and to quickly adapt existing business dynamics in the company.
How to hire workers
Create job descriptions that offer
Make a list of necessary skills, experience and personal qualities needed for the job. Do not hesitate and be sufficiently detailed so that the number of candidates could quickly narrow in the process of applying for a job. Build job
When composing a job, include a description of the company and what the company is undertaking. In ad must also be specified and the desired qualities, experience and qualifications as well as detailed job descriptions and tasks that a qualified candidate to perform. To get an idea of ​​how to write a good job, check lists in local newspapers or on web sites Employment check the form and change the ads to create one that suits your needs. Be sure to specify the manner in which candidates can respond to the ad - via e-mail, fax, etc. - along with a deadline for reporting. Place an ad
Set job in places where potential candidates can see it. There are a number of free web site through which employers can find potential candidates for the job. Local newspapers are also good options and are generally favorable for that type of advertising. Sort the received applications
Due to the current situation on the labor market, many will appear on your job. As soon as the application arrives, it should be viewed, analyzed and put into one of three categories: first
Call to a job interview 2 . may invite the third job I do not call for an interview when the deadline for application is complete, review the application once you have put into the category of might call for an interview, and sort them into two other categories. When selected group of candidates, please call them and make an appointment for a job. / ul Interview candidates
Prepare questions that are made to suit the company and job requirements. Make sure that there are always situational questions and when the candidates have to demonstrate in order to obtain from certain situation or in connection with a specific task. record the responses and behavior during the interview to see and decide if they are eligible for a job offer. If you can not hire a candidate after the first interview, you can invite them to the second round. Eliminate candidates who have successfully passed the first interview and then make recommendations, business biography, and education of those who are still in play. A quick way to reduce the number of candidates is to check the accuracy of information provided in the summary. Eliminate these candidates and start the second round of job interviews . Offer the best job candidate
Contact the best candidate and send him a formal offer of employment if necessary, be sure to arrange test skills rather lengthy interview for a job Looking for candidates who demonstrate the ability of learning and adapting Be careful in terms of candidates in a short period of time change a lot of work and who in his career had long breaks that even they themselves can not explain.

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