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How to keep aquarium catfish

How to keep aquarium catfish. Catfish is a popular aquarium fish species and can be found in many aquarium fish lovers, because they eat dirt and become hyperactive and very attractive as they grow and reach their full potential

catfish is a popular aquarium fish species and can be found in many aquarium fish lovers, because they eat dirt and become hyperactive and very attractive as they grow and reach their full potential. With a large number of different species, cory catfish got to popularity and can be found in many aquariums because of its low cost, low maintenance and ease of cultivation. Here are some steps for growing your fish in the aquarium, regardless of the species: 1 - Water habitat. Fish prefer neutral water habitat. You can stored in alkaline or kiselkastoj water, but if you really want to have all the benefits, we will provide them a life of neutral leads. 2 - temperature. Fish in the tank like cold water, allowing you to combine them with fish that are able to survive in a relatively cold water. 3 - Feeding. They eat everything from cereal to fish balls, making them the best choice for pragmatic fish owners. just so you can leave alone with him, and hranice the sorts of things in the tank which can be characterized as fish food. 4 - The diversity of the environment. Provide fish places can be explored and that can swim freely. 5 - Lighting. Fish in the tank usually can not tolerate bright light. Provide a place where they can hide from time to time. dark places such as behind a stone of and of the generally small amount of light as a favorite place fish in an aquarium. 6 - Problems with the space. fish in the aquarium can really grow that much, so they should provide enough space. Skip the congestion proper distribution of your aquarium pets. If you can afford to afford, provide a separate area for aquarium catfish. If your fish deprived of sufficient space, they will become aggressive and begin to hunt smaller fish in the aquarium. 7 - Compatibility. good thing about the fish in the aquarium is that they are basically aggressive than if any other fish do not provoke. Except in the case of self-defense, the fish in the aquarium are really friendly and can coexist with many other species in the same aquarium. 8 - Cultivation. Gravel is the best place for young fish to lay their eggs. Only make sure that there is too much gravel to prevent fish that are less developed. When you notice that your fish are restless and rub against each other, you know that it is high time that they provide a place for laying eggs. 9-night owls. Plan to they feed at night, because then the fish are most active. It is best to mix them with fish that have the same biological clock in order to avoid problems. You can expand the number of fish in your tank once you provide them favorable conditions for breeding, and enough space for young fish and their smooth development.

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