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How to bathe a dog

How to bathe a dog. There was a time when you need to bathe your dog? If you want to swim, first of all you need to know that you need a shampoo for dogs

The time has come when you need to bathe your dog? If you want to swim, first of all you need to know that you need a dog shampoo. Do not recommend you to wash your dog with any other shampoo but specially formulated for dogs. None dog does not enjoy it when you run around hose and bathe it with cold water, and moreover it is not healthy for your pet. How to bathe a dog? 1 - Preparation. Get adequate preparations for washing and care of your dog. On the market there are many manufacturers offer a variety of products for your dog depending on its type, hair type, etc.. Save
three towels, hair dryer, bucket and if necessary heat the bathroom. Then put the rubber to slip your dog would not slip when you start it bath.
Close the door that the dog ran to the house wet. Pour lukewarm water, about 8-10cm. Make sure the water is too cold or hot. Put the dog in the tub.
protect his eye drops that you can buy the vet or pet store. If you do not have to drop you a little olive oil and rub it on your eyelids so he would not have entered the shampoo in the eye. 2 - Swimming. Pour warm water into the bucket and then pour slowly your dog from neck to tail. Do He no water enters the eye. Rub a little shampoo on the nape of your dog and disseminate the foam to the tail. It is very important to make sure he gets shampoo in your eyes, how they would iziritirale. If you use a flea shampoo, leave it to rest as much as written in Instruction. 3 - Rinse. Rinse with lukewarm water dog from a bucket from head to tail, and again note - make sure his water does not enter into the ears or eyes.
Allow the water that flows away, and then rinse again. Keep your dog by hand in order not to tempted to shake off the wet bathroom. little protljajte your dog hands to his fur ocedilo. 4 - Drying. towel wipe it well, take care, especially areas where there is more fur, because it retains the the most water. Put a towel on the floor, take your dog out of the bath and place it on a towel and wait for a while that hes quiet.
Then switch to medium hair volume and test the strength of his fingers at 15 cm distance. If not pleasant reduce or increase the strength of the blow-dryer heat. When you set the hair start to dry your dogs fur where it has the most - at a distance of approximately 15cm - by gently combing your dogs brush or fingers, depending on length. Note: - Be careful when using a hair dryer that it is not too close, because many dogs will respond aggressively due to irritation of the same. - Many dogs start to shake when they are wet. In any case, does not bother to mention again that the temperature of bath should be like when you swim. If you follow these guidelines will be swimming in his most pleasant possible. If your dog still shakes do not panic because this is a common reaction. time to get used to it.

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