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How to Make a cocktail Cuba Libre

How to make a Cuba Libre cocktail. Cocktail Cuba Libre is one of the most popular cocktails today and very easy to create one

Cocktail Cuba Libre is one of the most popular cocktails today and very easy to create. In light means Free Cuba. The early seventies, this drink has experienced great success mainly due to a very good marketing Baccardi-I and the Coca-Cola is. Very easy and quick to the right. As with many other cocktails, and for this there are many options and ways to do it and we will use this opportunity to introduce one of them. Ingredients: - 10 ml of lemon juice Home - 50 ml white rum Home - coca-cola Home - 4-6 ice cubes Home - lime for decoration Preparation: 1 - Put ice cubes in a tall - Highball - glass
2 - Pour 10 ml of juice lemon
3 - Pour 50 ml white rum
4 - Through all this, pour a little coca cola to the top
5 - decorate Cuba Libre cocktail with a slice of lime and serve with a straw

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