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How to make chutney

How to make chutney. Homemade chutney is something you should definitely try it

Domestic ajvar is something you should certainly try. Recipes for chutney has a great deal and we will in this paper to present one of them.
The base recipe is to take half the eggplant peppers than we take, but certainly there variations on this theme. This refers to the amount of live balance of peppers and eggplant, because when you finish, quantity is almost equal.
How do ajvar
The development is roughly divided into three major phases of development ajvar: Roasting peppers and eggplant. In the first phase should be baked peppers and eggplants. Usually housewives to work in the oven, but it is much better when baked on the grill. Everything gets a special flavor of smoke, which can be felt in the ajvar. if you can bake peppers and eggplant, fry, you will not go wrong.
peppers to bake until crust does not turn black, but it would be advisable not charred. This makes it easier to peel.
leave the Fire to burn, it does not matter, even Furthermore, it accelerates the process. Unlike meat to grill, grilled, roasted peppers are on fire. If the fire is too strong, it is a little worse, but it is much better when you light the fire burning. Then you bake the eggplant in this way , s such that it is better for them to have a stronger fire and completely burn the skin. This will be easier to peel. cleaning and grinding. When cooked, disposed of in containers, or plastic bag to cool, which also helps Peeling the skin. This brings us to the second stage of making chutney, which is usually done the other day, to make it all cooled down enough that it can easily peel.
Only cleaning is tiring and boring job, but it is much finer ajvar when no skin. In pure commercial ajvar not bark, but the finer grind.
The final product is known as roasted peppers, ie. the same can be saved and is excellent as a salad.
When milling to grind and feferonke and garlic, to be nice to all mixed with a mixture of baking ajvar. Try to drain as much liquid as possible, which are released peppers and eggplants, as this will allow you to be a mixture of ajvar thicker and has less to cook. When all the-ground add salt - always start with less, after you add up the amount that suits your taste - and some 100% acetic acid, which also place to start smaller. All this stirring and now youre ready for the third phase. Baking ajvar. As for baking, it is also a long process, where it should be kept hot spatter ajvar. It has a dilemma when you add oil to the pot. recipe that has proven this to be immediately put oil - can be made even before the mixture and then subsequently added to the mixture for ajvar -, the same small amount, and then subsequently adds more oil to taste. The entire mixture stirring constantly, and set the fire so it is not too strong - for spraying and the need for rapid mixing compound - but nor too weak. While cooking chutney, try to do something wrong, but keep in mind that whenever you add something else, but not seized. Therefore, a better way to add more than one overdrive. adding salt, 100% acetic acid , garlic, peppers or oil, until you get the flavor you like. How long will it take to roast depends on the amount of mixture, and the pot you use. It is usually about 2-3h. When you are satisfied with the taste and texture, you can go to fill the jars of ajvar.
jars must be washed well, and can be sterilized in the oven. caps and rub the glass bowl you can well sterilized with alcohol, but not necessary. All jars to fit together and then cover them, to gradually cooled. This allows the quality of sterilization and closing the lid, which leads to the chutney can be preserved for a long time. Well closed ajvar can certainly stand 2, and more years to go wrong. far as some of the statistics, the baked peppers You can be sure that you will get somewhere around 35-40% pure roasted peppers, eggplant and get some 60% of those with which you started.

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