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How to Make a cocktail B 52

How to Make a cocktail B 52nd Cocktail B52 is one of the most violent short

Cocktail B52 is one of the most violent short. It was named after an American B52 plane. Originated in a famous restaurant in America.
There are some varieties of cocktails such as the B53 and B54, in which instead of rum can use vodka or amaretto. textu This will present you with one of the most common ways to make a B52 cocktail: Ingredients: - 10 ml Kahlua liqueur Home - 20 ml Cointreau liqueur Home - 20 ml Baileys a Home - lighter Home - short straws Preparation: 1 - In a glass of brandy Pour 10 ml Kahlua liqueur
2 - Then, Kahlua liqueur pour over the wall of the bowl 20 ml Baileys
a 3 - In the same way and pour 20 ml Cointreau liqueur
4 - Take a lighter and burn Cointreau
5 - Put the straw and quickly ispijte in one breath, while the flame is extinguished

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