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How to make espresso

How to make espresso. Before what you learn how to make espresso coffee, let us recall a little history of this drink

Before what you learn how to make espresso coffee, let us recall a little history of this beverage. Beginnings of espresso coffee is associated with the late 19th and early 20th century and despite the fact that espresso is now tied exclusively to Italy, the first espresso coffee machines are were made in France. But Italy still was the one who pushed the espresso on the pedestal of the most popular drink coffee around the world. coffee used for espresso can be either 100% Arabica beans, or a mixture of Arabica and Robusta, and sometimes 100% Robusta. One Who likes the acidity in espresso espresso will want to be made exclusively from Arabica. Robusta is somewhat milder and lower quality and therefore can bring a certain balance to those who make them taste of coffee is a bit milder. largest coffee producers in general are Central and South American countries Although they are among the biggest consumers. And the most expensive espresso coffee, Kopi Luak, comes from Indonesia and will cost about 1000 $ for one kilogram. Here are tips on how to create your ideal cup of espresso coffee: 1 - For starters you should know that this is the necessary equipment: coffee maker, coffee, 2 cups - Heat the coffee machine at a particular temperature. the dozer to pour the coffee freshly ground coffee - usually between 5 and 7 grams -. 3 - Dozer a good squeeze. Check that hot cup of coffee, because if leaking into the cold coffee cup will cool down quickly, and will not be able to develop all the flavor. 4 - Let the coffee to flow down the walls to make foam cups, or cream as we say, was of the highest quality. 5 - After the cups charge up to a maximum of 3 of its volume, stop the leak and remove the coffee cup below the dozer. 6 - Coffee is ready, now is the desire just to sweeten and enrich milk or possibly some flavor. Enjoy your espresso coffee!

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