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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


Bajadere cakes

Bajadere cakes. Bajadere cakes are very famous and popular, and almost no housewife who for once did not create this cake as dessert

Bajadere cakes are very famous and popular, and almost no housewife who for once did not create these cakes as a dessert. As one of the most beautiful small cakes, bajadere not hard to do just need to follow the instructions below ...
How to make a cake with chocolates
needed sajstojci:
- 250g walnut - minced - 250g biscuits - minced - 250g butter - 650g sugar - a little water / ul For the icing you need:
- 100g chocolate - 2-3 tablespoons milk - 2-3 tbsp sugar - butter / ul The first thing that you need to do is sugar with water - usually go about 1 dl - at lower heat. Wait to zapeni, add the butter and then wait until it melts. Add the ground nuts and ground biscuits and mix everything well. Remove from heat and stir the mixture and then divide into two parts. In one part of liquid pour the melted chocolate, mix it and make the crust on a silver platter. Over Do not put the second part in which you add the chocolate and the top of the line up. As far as the glaze is very easy: just pour the sugar and milk, to set on low heat. Wait until the sugar dissolves and it all boils. Add a little butter and chopped chocolate and stir it all. When the mixture becomes fine and smooth, pour over it the top layer of your chocolates and poravnjajte. bajadere your cakes are done. Fun! of things you will need: chocolate, biscuits, butter, ground nuts, sugar water

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