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Plasma Cake

Plasma Cake. Plasma cake easily and makes the most ideal for a childrens birthday parties

Plasma cake easily and makes the most ideal for a childrens birthday parties.
In this article we present a recipe for a cake plasma. Ingredients: • 600g ground biscuits plasma
• 4 oz orange juice or strawberries
• 12 egg yolks • 500g icing sugar 500g butter •
• 200g raisins
• 200g walnuts 200g
• jelly beans • 500g
cream Preparation: In larger container to pour plasma biscuits, add egg yolks, powdered sugar, softened butter, chopped nuts, raisins and chopped jelly candies. Then add orange juice or strawberries, sparkling.
All well and knead to form the desired shape of the cake and top decorate with whipped cream.
of things you will need: strawberries, eggs, butter, ground nuts, plasma biscuits, orange, powdered sugar, cream, raisins

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