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How to eat avocados

How to eat avocados. Avocado is a fruit that is nearly occurred in our area, so you do not mind if you do not know how to eat avocados

Avocado is a fruit that is nearly occurred in our area, so you do not mind if you do not know how to eat avocados. Avocados are native to South America in that area is known for alligator pear because the exterior appearance and somewhat resembles the alligators. Avocado is popular in Mexico and the western part of America where the most cultivated. For the largest avocado producer in recent years is considered to be California.
considered for a very healthy and nutritionally speaking very rich namirinicu. most abundant in vitamins E and B, It also has a lot of high quality fiber and mineral potassium, and many others.
can eat a lot of ways and see which are the most common one ...
How to eat avocados?
1 - Avocado as a salad. can be used for salads mixed with other ingredients such as cucumber, onion, tomato, paprika, pepper, lemon juice and salt. 2 - avocado as a starter. Find ripe avocado, cut the it into two pieces, remove seeds . Then pour into his hole a little lemon juice, add cooked shrimp and drizzle with lemon. Over this put a little cream over it all a bit of black caviar. This specialty serve in glass cups with a small teaspoon. 3 - avocado as a spread. Spread avocado called guakamol and is made by crushing the fork. Then he added the lemon juice, a little cream and tiny chopped onions and tomatoes. anoint him the bread just before the meal / service it rapidly darkens. 4 - Avocado as a diet supplement. In addition to these three ways can eat all the avocados, and you can najjajednostavnije used in addition to some of the meals. Simply cut it in half, then pour it with lemon juice, salt and pepper and eat it with bread and meal. Note: • In addition which can be used as food, avocado, and has great healing properties and helps protect the heart, lowers cholesterol, prevents prostate disease, etc..

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