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How to make sweet syrup quince

How to make sweet

While our grandmothers were girls, every house had a large selection of sweet that all family members must take the fasting of the heart in the morning before coffee and stood in front of the guests. Today, a little modernized customs, you have money to spend, sweet, buying Turkish delight or brownies, but for those who still prefer homemade, here are some recipes for quince.
How do quince
1 kg quinces go 1 kg of sugar. to you that you choose the amount, the needs and abilities. sugar is poured into a large pot - your grandmother will surely have a - with a big cup of water and on high heat. means to make sugar syrup of sugar and water. To sugar nice, do not mix, Shake the pan occasionally, but - as when kokate popcorn -. Sugar is when mass becomes compact. the finished sugar, add the prepared quinces. They must be washed and chopped or grated - its up to you and your taste to decide. Leave on fire to boil until the mixture reaches the density of honey. For the time will be created on the surface of white foam, your spoon to remove it. How to evaluate the almost sweet - take out a spoon on a little tray of mixture and cut the tip of spoon the mixture to make a line . If the line is, a boiled sweet. almost sweet hot pour into clean jars that have a little warm in the oven. If you are not sure how to do this, you can let the sweet cool overnight in a saucepan with a wet cloth that you tie instead of the cover and the next day cold sweet pouring into cold jars. jars do not close immediately, but wait for the mass settles. SavetiDunje before cooking the sugar can cook especially in water - whole or chopped - or they do not have to cook at all - just depends on how are you more like a sweet. When spinning you can add sugar and juice of one lemon - if your taste. When pouring the sweet jars, you can add to each jar with a slice of lemon. In a jar with a sweet you can add a little nuts - whole or chopped. Most economical option is to boil the sweet with wood stove. If you really do not have a wood stove or backyard, its no problem to cook at home on an electric stove, but keep in mind that long to cook sweet and will be very hot. Guide sure that you zvog ventilated room / cooling / air condition a sufficient and that the hydrate.

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