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How to make Russian salad

How to Make a Russian salad. Russian salad is something without which there can be imagined festive table

Russian salad is something without which there can be imagined festive table. Its vegetables, salad and ham. Serve as a salad with all kinds of meat, especially with baking. It can be served cold as an appetizer with bread.
How to make Russian salad
100 g cooked chicken
200 g of cooked veal
200 g of cooked ham 5 eggs
5 potatoes boiled carrots
5 pickles
250 g of cooked peas
mayonnaise 250 g sour cream 1
Salt and pepper Clean the carrots and peel the potatoes and chop them into cubes. Put to cook in salted water, and when nearly cooked add the peas. particular cook eggs, which should be hard boiled. eggs cut into cubes. same thing with sour pickles and ham. and cook the meat to cool before chopping. When the vegetables are cooked, drain it and transfer the bowl with chopped eggs, cucumbers and boiled meat. dressing made from mayonnaise and sour cream with the addition of salt and pepper to taste. dressing mixed with other ingredients. Roll out the dressing left in the refrigerator for several hours to cool down. Serve in small bowls decorated with green leaves salads. SavetiSvo vegetables can be cooked in the same water, but be aware that the longer cooked carrots and peas briefly. Potato is best cooked separately, because there is a possibility that when cooking starts to foam. Then remove the foam and continue cooking. Salt the water immediately, as subsequently salted vegetables will be salty enough. These amounts are subject to change at will. Some ingredients may be omitted, as well as add a new instance. celery, cheese, corn, olives ... UpozorenjaUkoliko in the same water cooked vegetables and chicken or beef, water after cooking does not waste, because it is really good quality soup. of things you will need: dressing, eggs, potatoes, chicken, ham, veal

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