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How to drink absinthe

How to drink absinthe. Absint is an alcoholic beverage with the aroma

Absint is an alcoholic beverage with the aroma - the smell - anise, and is made mainly from a combination of herbs and leaves of Artemisia absinthium. Traditionally the color green, but can also be colorless or in a completely different color. It may be on sale absinthe available from different manufacturers and in black, red and blue.
reason that absinthe called a fairy in a bottle - or spirit in a bottle - is that absinthe never bottled with sugar - as Balkanites to bake their own brandy known - but the sugar is added later, just before use. Absint rarely drink in a clean condition.
How to drink absinthe
original way to prepare drinks with absinthe is as follows: A shot of absinthe pour in tumblericu - a glass of whiskey -. grasp an ordinary spoon sugar, dip the glass just to soak the sugar - but do not add sugar to absinthe - and remove the spoon. While a teaspoon of sugar soaked hold above tumblerice, sugar burn. Do not worry, no damage spoon, but will have a discreet blue flame. When sugar begins to melt and karamelizuje, a flame to subside, put the whole spoon in the cup. Through all this, add mineral water to the top. Savetimera absinthe and water is 2:5 - that is, 2 of absinthe and 3 parts water -. instead of mineral water you can use ordinary. regular spoon you use when you have the original level, and for perforated absinthe spoon. if you have a sugar cube, then you can also use a fork. instead of water, you can use the juice or lemon juice. Absint can also drink in the cocktail. UpozorenjaDejstvo absinthe is slow, like wine. Do not overdo the drink, but drink slowly and responsibly. Absint will stun you to announce to the legend, but you can hit pretty heavily if not sure.

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