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Do you like cooking and preparation of good food? Healthy lunch or pasta, ideas for chocolate cakes, coffee, cocktails. Here are recipes for everything!


How to save a stew of pork

How to save a stew of pork. Djuvec pork is very strong, so do not exaggerate

Djuvec pork is very strong, so do not overdo it. But it is also a lot ukasan.: - How to save
djuvec pork
Ingredients: 200g of oil
500g of black characters 10g peppercorns 300g carrots 100g parsley parsnip 100g flour 50g - for panning, but it is not necessary - cayenne pepper 10g 3l Fund - Water - 600g potatoes 200g eggplant - so called. Blue Tomato - 200g 300g of young zucchini bell peppers 50g tomato Puree 1 bunch leaves 1 bunch celery leaves 150g rice 100g peas 300g fresh tomatoes 5 laurel leaves / ul Preparing food
Meat bigger pieces to connect the circles Root Potato Eggplant slices are washed and cut into pieces and zucchini Paprika is cut into sticks Tomato is one of dice, and the second on rings / ul Preparation: In a bowl
restujemo onion, bay leaf and pepper When the little onions soften add the root vegetables when vegetables are tender add the meat that we ispanirati natur When the meat gets a gray color, add red pepper paprika released as soon as the color, poured with a fund - water - and fry until meat is tender half after 5 minutes add the eggplant and zucchini, bell pepper and cook until everything tender are cleared from the radiator, add the tomato puree and tomato cut in cubes everything well together and add finely chopped parsley and celery leaves Prepared pour the contents into casseroles, flatten, pour over the rice, peas over rice, sliced ​​tomatoes over the beans into slices and baked in oven. / ul SavetiIspanirati natural - just roll in flour.

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