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How to make homemade burek

How to make homemade burek. There is a person who does not like burek

No person who does not like burek. Everyone has a favorite place where we like to buy, because the most common choice burek for breakfast those who rush. When you have time and nerves, and you love to cook and store, you may want to save yourself your burek. Once you practice your recipe to perfection, you can adapt it to your liking and create a completely original and burek. It is important to note that, although the real burek with cheese and meat, in most places in the Balkans under the burek be considered only burek with meat, while burek with cheese actually gibanica. So if you want to make burek with cheese, then does not hurt to ask your grandmother for the recipe - because all the grandmothers have reached master level in making pies with cheese or gibanica - while Ill write here how to make original burek. With meat, does it well.
How to make homemade burek
To develop core you need:
- 500 gr flour - pinch of salt; - a little warm water. / ul Do not use the yeast for the crust. knead the mixture so it does not stick to your fingers - that is, add the flour as needed -. Good intervene dough, then leave it for 15-20 minutes to rest before developing cortex. mixture will be divided into as many parts as you peel. who is acquainted with this, it will make only a few pieces, but the big corps, and we will make beginners more smaller corps. Do not peel all develop at once, but one at a time. Only when one develop, fill filling and place in greased baking pan, then develop the next crust. Fil filling crust:
- 4 potatoes; - 2 onions - medium-sized or a large -, - 500 g ground beef; - teaspoon pepper and a teaspoon of salt. / ul peel and slice potatoes into small cubes, mix with chopped onions - finely chopped - and then all unite with meat and spices. This will sprinkle fil-developed cortex and crust will urolovati. Make sure that the vows by too hard, as it could break during firing and the filling falls out. Rolled dough, one at a time, sometimes in a greased baking sheet and bake at 220 degrees 20 minutes each. While baking in the oven, you will in a small baking dish, heat 2 tablespoons cream, 1 cup of oil and 1.5 cup of water. This mixture should boil and it will spill over burek, which was baked 20 minutes - when golden brown -. burek poured back into the oven you reduce to 200 degrees and bake another 10 minutes. then reduce oven to 150 degrees, it is nice baked burek in a few minutes. And then your burek over. SavetiOkvirno cooking time is 30 - 40 minutes. It really depends on the strength of your oven and the amount of pies to bake. Therefore, these steps will prilagotiti your oven and bake accordingly. Kore say you do not have the rolls, but can also be crowded. This means that in a greased baking pan put a full choir - - before filling it, new crust all over again so filling and so on. For crust is probably better to use a ready-made crust, but I guarantee you will not be burek so tasty as the homemade peel. In any case, the choice is yours!

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