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How to Boil rice

How to Boil rice. Rice is an annual plant native to Asia that has a nutritional value

Rice is an annual plant native to Asia that has a nutritional value. Rice mainly serve as a side dish with meat, adding many spices in it. We add it in a variety of soups and stews and in the preparation of sushi is one of the main ingredients.
How to Boil rice
- appropriate containers for cooking - 1 cup of 2 dl - the best of yogurt - rice - 500 g - water - salt - sieve - a strainer - / ul In a plastic bowl add 3 cups of rice. Add it a little cold water and wash. through a sieve or strainer and drain water move in an appropriate container for cooking. Add the rice with 6 cups water and add a little salt. Turn stove on high volume and leave the rice to cook 8 minutes. When cooked remove it from the heat and leave it aside to rest in his hot water for 15 minutes. rice absorb remaining water and is now ready to serve. SavetiNajbolji rice for the preparation of the case remained part of the rice water strain. During cooking, try the rice.

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