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How to make American pancakes

How to make American pancakes. Many times we see the movies in the morning to make breakfast pancakes that Americans are totally different from the standard

Many times we see the movies in the morning to make breakfast pancakes that Americans are totally different from the standard. Are thicker and less. Usually they overflow with maple syrup, but it can also be melted chocolate, honey, jam or something about your idea. Quickly make and are delicious.
How to make American pancakes
needed for 12 pancakes:
- 135 gr flour - 1 tablespoon baking powder - salt - sugar spoon - an egg - 2 tablespoons butter topljnog - 1.3 dl of milk / ul Melt in a pan for cooking pancakes 2 tablespoons butter. Merge into one bowl of dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, salt and sugar.
In another bowl with spoon or wire for whipping whisk: egg, melted butter or margarine-- and milk. Sjedniniti Dry and wet ingredients in a bowl and stir constantly with wire for whipping until all is not well combined. Heat the pan in which we melted butter. ladle to draw the mixture and pour slowly in a well heated pan so that the entire mass be spread throughout the pan. After one minute, turn the pancake to the other side. handkerchief or towel, apply a little oil over the whole pan before applying for next pancake mixture. Repeat the process until baking pancakes do not use all the mixture .. SavetiNapravite free double mixture for American pancakes with regard to the right faster than standard. not necessary to put the pan for each subsequent pancakes you make. It can also be a second after you made pancakes.

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