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How to make a delicious vegetarian lunch

How to make a delicious vegetarian lunch. Ruling opinion is turning to vegetarianism only fat people the excuse to lose weight

The ruling is the notion that vegetarianism is just turning fat people the excuse to lose weight. Perhaps some part of it and its true, but the fact is that there are many reasons why someone would be given up meat and / or products from animals. Perhaps the comes sdravstveni reasons, perhaps ideological, material may be, but usually it is a great love for animals. On the other hand, it is wrong to expect to give up meat all who love animals, because man as a being omnivorous and to stay healthy and be strong to enter the daily quantities of substances. Everyone has a different body and ones body can compensate for the necessary materials vegetarian diet, but someone can. In any case, you can try a couple of days, so if you prefer - continue. But if you feel discomfort, fatigue or similar problems, consult your doctor because a vegetarian diet you may not fit. This does not mean that you will not suit some other form of child, but about all that you can consult a nutritionist. Following a proposal for a vegetarian lunch.

How to make a delicious vegetarian lunch
Prepare the tuna and spread thin toast. Namaz prepare by going to add chopped hard boiled egg, a head of chopped onion and tuna pulverous. mustard by taste, chopped or whole olives and some capers. Served with toast or crackers. small snack before the main course, just to open the appetite. If you do not eat fish, then make a different entree - the night before at dinner save the porridge - corn flour -, pour into a rectangular baking pan - the mixture is thick, about 1.5 cm - and leave to cure overnight. Before lunch you will cut the polenta into cubes and each cube on the spoon to put the previously prepared coating of mustard and broccoli. soup.
The choice of vegetable soup was great. If you can not choose, make a thick soup of vegetables of all that you have at home. procedure is as follows: all the vegetables youve chosen the first few soup-water paints recommend though is dominated by one type of vegetable , like mushrooms -. In another small saucepan then fried onion in butter or oil, then add the filtered ovareno vegetables - water in which vegetables are cooked not spill, it will take -. in vegetable oil and add a little spice and salt / Vegeta, then ladle water in which vegetables are cooked and the tablespoon of flour. Mixture should be a compact, but not to burn. Add the rest of the water in which vegetables are cooked and leave it all good ukuva. Try to evaluate the flavor and the saltiness of the rest of you can add to taste. This is an easy and simple of vegetables. main course.
selection is also huge. I personally like soy steaks - big pieces or crumbs. Large pieces need to water the night before lunch in the water, so they pohujete, a small mixing with soy flour and egg mixture, then into a kind of format steaks. Appendix mashed or boiled rice, mustard sauce, mayonnaise, sour cream and your favorite spices and you are filled with energy and plenty to eat nicely. If
you do not like soy like me, you can try the cabbage rolls:
- 2 grated potatoes - 2 grated carrots - 1 cup rice - 2 cloves garlic - 1 cup of cereal or soy flakes - 2 handfuls of nuts, vegeta / salt, basil, parsley and Pepper. Possibly a little hot pepper if you like spicy. This mixture filujete cabbage leaves or vine leaves and store as usual and cabbage rolls. / ul If you do not like or cabbage rolls, you can try a vegetarian moussaka:
- 500 gr green beans - 2 onions cut into slices - 500 gr tomatoes cut into slices - 100 grams of rice - red pepper, salt, pepper - 750 g potatoes cut into slices 500 gr bean prodinstati in some oil until soft. especially prodinstati 2 onions cut into slices and add 500 gr tomatoes cut into slices, 100 g of rice, a little cayenne pepper, salt, pepper and continue to cook sauce until tender. Clean 750 gr potatoes and cut into slices. In podmazanoj refractory vessel arrange = red beans, red potatoes, red port stewed with rice and so on. Pour the egg with 3 ulupana with a glass of milk, tomato slices arranged from the top and bake at 120 degrees. / ul One more suggestion from me is sautéed oyster mushrooms with a side dish of rice. You can make burgers and spinach , seafood - if you eat them - and so on. dessert.
simplest version of your ice cream or fruit salad.

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