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How to bake a pizza

How to bake a pizza. Pizza is one of naojomiljenijih dishes of all time worldwide

Pizza is one of naojomiljenijih dishes of all time worldwide. It is rich and full of healthy ingredients such as mozzarella cheese, tomato-based sauces and many other tempting toppings. These ingredients are essential for a phenomenal taste and quality of prescriptions that easy to make. When you learn how to bake a pizza, then people will easily be able to enjoy the charms of this simple dish.
How to bake pizza
This dish is perfect, especially for people who are constantly on the move. This not so difficult a task requires very little time and preparation. On the way home you buy pizza 30cm in diameter. Choose one that has a lot of sauce and that is rich with all the important ingredients. Save the little digital timer, baking paper, which is not nice and enamelled baking in excess of drink that you purchased. Once youve collected all of these elements, you can proceed with the following steps. Start by preparing the oven. Set oven grates in place - one place to the bottom and the other in the middle of the oven. Pre heat the oven so by setting the temperature to 190 degrees. Wait at least 5-10 minutes to achieve the desired oven temperature. Save the pan. Cover it with parchment paper that is not pretty. Then put the pizza right in the middle. for food enthusiasts who want to enrich your meal , can simply put something on the side of pizza, where the tray is empty, French fries, for example. When the oven reached the desired temperature, place in baking pan, preferably on the middle rack. Set the timer for 15 minutes and bake pizza. wait to drink from the bottom get a light brown color. If you want to drink more upper seal, simply place it on the bottom oven rack. Set the oven to maximum temperature and bake an additional 2-3 minutes. Serve and enjoy. Additional tips and other useful information. There are certain things that need to do to enjoy a safe and successful cooking. When baking, it is best to be extremely careful. not brzajte. Always wear something on their hands not to burn, especially when working around the oven, as well as other parts of the hot stove. Proceed the same if you keep the frying pan. To enrich the taste of pizza, you can use a garlic spray, because it will enhance the flavor. If you seal the top of the pizza an additional two minutes before serving, guests will enjoy the rich taste of different ingredients used for this dish.

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