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Menopause is a period that lies ahead for each woman. Monthly bleeding are absent and the woman is no longer capable of conceiving, including periodic check-ups end of reproductive females. Do not be afraid of menopause, but be prepared to accept as an inevitable part of life when it vremni comes ready can prevent or reduce possible problems with the help of a gynecologist.
usually occurs in the late forties or early fifties, but anything less is going to occur earlier. Menopause can also occur as a result of some operations, but here write about menopause that occurs naturally.
Menopause will not pass and will continue until the end of life. Number of births will not affect when menopause will occur, but you can put healthy habits.
If the menopause occurs at an earlier age There is a danger of getting osteoporosis. absence of appropriate therapy at the time of menopause may be even fatal.
entering the fiftieth year, should leave the cigarettes, avoid alcohol and reduce your weight if you have problems with overweight. Reduce consumption, enough to move and follow the advice of your gynecologist.
signs of menopause
- depression, anxiety, sensation of warmth, sweating, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, arthritis, joint pain, skin did not elastic. Also, vaginal and urinary mucous membranes become dry channels, leading to susceptibility to infection. desire for sex is becoming less and women avoid sexual relationships, which become painful.
- menstrual bleeding as soon as they start to disappear i feel some of these symptoms, make an appointment with a gynecologist. After gynecological, you will be referred to an examination by an internist, blood tests, EKG and mammography. results of these analyzes and reviews will be the basis for further medical treatment, whether the patient neohodna hormone therapy and that way.
Do not let all these procedures you realize that everything is done to your health.
It is important to achieve optimal secretion of hormones. But if some of it is not in optimal quantity, the solution is hormonal therapy . should sound administration of hormone therapy, and all symptoms disappear. hormones the body compensates for estradiol and progesterone.
However, some women find this type of therapy is not liable for malignant tumors in any organ, unknown cause of vaginal bleeding, liver failure or a weakened kidney, the presence of porphyria, a thrombus.
hormone therapy must never perform without supervision and advice. the doctor based on your medical condition to determine the length of the treatment of hormone therapy. And any move without consulting a doctor, brings you the risk of many complications.

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