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Birth control pills


million women use the pill and most of them were sent to their effects and how to influence health.
Every woman needs to know that birth control pills have advantages but also disadvantages. Therefore pill to any woman also act differently because you need to do a gynecological examination on the basis of which the gynecologist to determine which best suits your pills. For some women the pill can konracepciju pruzrokovati headache, insomnia, excess hair, reducing the desire for sex.
The risk of developing cancer of the ovaries, colon, and the muscular wall of the uterus can reduce the use of the pill for more than five years. bones also become stronger as the good side of pills.
consuming the pill increased the risk of cervical cancer , which is the downside of the pill. If you forget a pill to drink there is a possibility of getting pregnant. Smoking cigarettes can also expose the danger of heart disease and thrombus formation in blood vessels.
pills reduce the level of testosterone in the body, where this hormone affect the sex drive. But why do not stop eating pills, but switch to a different type of progesterone.
Most pills reduce acne, and will cleanse your skin, some more and some less depending on all kinds of pills.
To determine which pill suits you need to contact your doctor, but if you notice side dejsta also should contact a physician. Each pill contains one of seven different estrogen and progesterone is the same. of how its quantity varies depending on how you ragovati.

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