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Problems in Pregnancy

Symptoms of pregnancy

See which are the most common changes and discomforts of pregnancy.
Vaginal discharge
As long as the white discharge is normal. But if there is a change in color, odor and itch sure to contact your doctor because it was probably an infection that needs treatment.
Back pain Back pain can occur at any time and at any time but it can and stop.
Bleeding gums Home - for hormones, such as gums lining the nose become inflamed, swollen and can cause bleeding. If there are any changes to contact the dentist immediately.
For severe pain that sometimes occurs in the legs can help you exercise that will Your doctor can recommend.
To prevent you to relax during pregnancy hoses need to eat fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water.
Do nesvesnice may occur because the brain sometimes does not have enough oxygen.
Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins around the anus, are painful and can cause bleeding. mostly disappear after delivery.

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