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Botox treatment

Botox Treatment

aging body, including the face, much depends on your lifestyle, your habits and activities. What is certain is that this process is normal, and that sooner or later happen to anyone. Only the what we can affect the time, and in a way we can, put off the process. One of the most popular method for this is certainly Botox. and praised at the same time each day in newspapers or on TV can see the famous ,, face who undergo this treatment, with more or less success.
Treatment Botox is used for decades in the service of beauty and youth. Its most common application of the tensile lodges face, neck, or to treat excessive sweating. Younger people are used to prevent, ie. delay the onset of wrinkles. As we age, muscles on the face gradually relaxed, and so leave their mark in the skin in the form of the gap. mimic the folds of the skin with age is increasing. Botox is used to fill the grooves so you will in some way paralyze the muscles, and of them,, mutter, to soften the line. He temporarily soothe the muscles, and if not used in a measured and indicated by the instructions, may cause their permanent paralysis and creating counterfeits.
Botox is actually a derivative of the toxin, which is obtained from a single species of bacteria, and in large quantities is lethal. But the rejuvenation therapy is used in very diluted quantities that have a positive effect on the skin. injection is determined amount of injected problematic places, ie. the surface muscles where your doctor after the examination set. first effects are visible after a few days and full recovery was expected after 2 weeks after the last treatment. These effects are not long, of course, depending on the person underwent this method, the last from 3 to 6 months, and after each treatment are all longer. Also, Botox is used in the treatment of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating by preventing muscle spasms, which is released from the cells of the sweat.
Botox treatment is safe and the non-invasive organiam, and using local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain during injection. Of course, as with any chemical treatment side effects may occur, such as redness, itching, small islands at the injection site, but it is not known whether there some serious consequences for the organism. course, can be painful contraindications failure of the treatment, artificial facial expression or effect, masks. It is advisable to perform this treatment in clinics and salons tested, with the previously well-informed about the treatment.

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