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The Interpretation of Dreams

Interpretation of Dreams

dreams anything is possible. Our dreams can scare us and cheer. All that dreaming is part of what happens when we are awake, but also the characteristics of our personality, for there are reasons that are justified. Meaning and interpretation of your dreams deals sanovnik.
Sharpen MEMORY
San comes every night but we usually those dreams when we wake up, because we have to sharpen memory and so youll sleep tight before we decide to remember everything when we wake up, and when morning dawns, but do not get up immediately write down all what you remember from the dream.
meaning of dreams
What are your dreams? Are you happy in them, or you are scared ? Dreams show us something during the day to push myself. Or are afraid of something. If you dream to be a major effort to climb a peak, it could mean too much to ask of themselves.
creative work with dreams
When you have a problem with love, family, work, hire your brain to find a solution. It will do this before you fall asleep several times to repeat the sentence that reads as if it already happened. This can succeed, because your brain works better than when resting during the day.

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