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How to Have Beautiful Skin

How to Have Beautiful Skin

Many people around the world are not happy with my skin, wondering how to have beautiful skin, and what is necessary to use of natural products that would affect the beauty of their own skin.
We will give examples of natural ways to make your skin more beautiful and fresher:
Papain - Papaya is the enzyme that destroys dead cells and helps with recovery of skin texture. Crushed papaya or use as a mask to his face cream put crushed papain tablets.
Olive Oil - good for cleansing and for removing makeup, also regenerates your skin.
Green tea - to make you calm irritated skin, wash with a chilled green tea.
Allantoin - to make your skin was soft, make a mask of camphor and honey and you can buy allantoin cream.
Caffeine - helps the veins shrink, thus reducing dark circles and redness.

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