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How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking

Before you learn how to quit smoking, you need to know why you want to do.
Need to have strong reason to quit smoking. Whether its fear of getting lung cancer, throat cancer and the like. It is enough to have a good motivation will also be strong enough to prevent you from not smoke.
Do not give up quickly
say not to leave cigarettes is easy but to succeed in this difficult and to be responsible for nicotine is addictive, which is why most people do not persevere in his decision.
replace the nicotine
When you leave a cigarette, you should know that you have a certain period of crisis, the lack of nicotine . products such as chewing gum with nicotine can help you quit smoking, but you should not use them as you consume cigarettes.
Use of anti-smoking drug
Go with your doctor to give you a prescribed therapy for quitting cigarettes. One of the therapy are pills that can reduce the craving for cigarettes.
Let your family and friends support
With the help of family or someone with whom you are close enough you can help in your decision to leave a cigarette. therapies such as behavioral-type of counseling - will mean a lot when leaving a cigarette.
Control your stress
The reason people start to smoke is nicotine that helps you relax. But when you leave cigarettes search for other solution in order to relax and avoid stress, at least the first few weeks.
not seek refuge in alcohol and other vices
If you will not like that in most cases while drinking coffee or light a cigarette while drinking alcohol need to replace it with something else. example. drink tea instead of coffee and avoid alcohol. And if you wont after a meal to smoke, you can replace it with chewing gum.
Clean the house when you leave remove all cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters. Also wash clothes that feel the smoke, buy a house, do whatever it takes to you nothing will remind you of cigarettes.
Examine yourself several times
There is a great likely to return to smoking. But reexamine themselves and their decision to confirm that you are willing to persevere in it.
Be more physically active
Playing sports can help by leaving a cigarette. When you have the desire to light a cigarette, you done good to walk, so you will not gain weight when quitting smoking.
Include fruits and vegetables into your diet
Do not hold your child while leaving the cigarette as it can get to konraefekta. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits , dairy products.
Reward yourself
Besides saving your health when you leave a cigarette, you can also reward yourself with the money you spend on cigarettes, so youll buy something amazing.
always think good for yourself and your health
In addition you will save money, there are many things that will improve and this is the first health. reduce the risk of getting lung cancer and other diseases kancorogenih.

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