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How to Improve Your Memory

How to Improve Your Memory

Crawling, indexing the years the changes occurring in the brain, which will slow down to teach them some things. But well give you advice with which you can improve your memory.
1 lack of memory can contribute to the myths about aging. Due it needs to believe in yourself.
2 Use maps, shopping lists, maps, to the brain using the economic way. also select the place where the house where you keep things you use frequently. This will keep certain information.
3 Let your thoughts be organized. As for example: telephone number to divide several numbers separated by a dash, so will be easier to remember.
4 Use all your senses. If you use them a lot when you learn something, so you can get more remember.
5 To expand your brain to do with the formation of visual images, so you will quickly understand and remember something.
6 If you hear something you want to remember it, repeat it aloud.

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