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Removal of moles

Removal of moles

skin is our largest organ. Its weight can be from 10 to 20kilograma, a surface of 1.5 to 2 meters square. Our skin has sebaceous glands in the twenty belong to the sweat glands and blood vessels meter, four meters of nerves and sensory corpuscle 5000 and about five hairs.
Moles can be a different color ranging from light brown to dark brown. They are circular and are darker than other parts of the body, their changes are benign. Area moles can be rough, soft and smooth. Youth may look nice but also some people have them removed because of malignant melanoma.
If you decide to remove moles before, talk to your doctor and well give you a few methods that are removed by youth. Surface removal
- moles removed along with part of the skin surface. At its root, it remains in the skin and because young people can be restored again. Following this method will remain a scar that was darker in color than the other part skin.
Surgical removal
- using this method removes the youth from all roots. scar is very small and usually disappears completely. Plastic surgeons perform this method.

- the mole is used mainly for aesthetic reasons. laser method can fade moles that are in the same level of skin and protruding moles that may also be that straightforward. After this treatment, the scars are very small.
before removing moles and consult your doctor to determine that removal is safe. need to do a detailed view.

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